Sapling logo concept

Project Details

Date: 5 September, 2015

Online: GitHub

This was a school project about physical interaction. We had to create a physical product in the style of domotica, enviromental friendly or wearable gadget.

I created the logo of our project team named Sapling Design. Our product was made in the style of domotica with an enviromental friendly concept.

Food waste is still a big problem in households but also in restaurants. With the SAP (Save All Products), we try to reduce waste by notifying the user when a product is going bad. You place the SAP on a dish you want to preserve and give it a date. Whenever you open the refrigerator it is easy to see when to eat a dish before its too late.

For the prototype of the SAP we used an arduino with several LED's and laserprinted plastic. Together with another project member we programmed the Arduino.

Functions of the Arduino: Countdown timer, Gradient LED, Rotating servo.