Sociolexicon concept

Sociolexicon sketch

Sociolexicon flowchart

Project Details

Client: Het Taal Museum Leiden

Date: 16 December, 2014

"Het Taal Museum" in Leiden is a new museum about languages. Each month will be a different theme about language. My task was to create a space-less concept and app where people learn about the museum and about language.

The concept of this app is to teach people new words. Around the city will be posters with different kinds of slang words. These posters are meant to instill curiosity to walking bystanders. People unknowing of the words on this poster can download the app with the QR code.

The app contains a dictionairy of slang words. Users are able to add new words or improve existing ones. Furthermore, you can look up a word with a search function or scan a word with the camera of a mobile phone. Aside from the dictionairy there is a quiz to test your knowledge of current slang words and memorize them.